A stunning website isn't enough to make an impact

Sure, having a beautiful site is important, but aesthetic won’t matter much if no one actually sees it. For you to reach and impact as many people as possible, your website has to be performant. This means implementing 2 strategies. The first aims at generating traffic and involves optimizing your site for Google searches. The second one focuses on keeping visitors on your website by providing them with a smooth, enjoyable experience and valuable content. And that’s where I come in!


Strategy. Gathering relevant insight is key to building an impactful website. So before thinking about how the site will look like, we deep dive into your brand’s story, proposition and target customers. I also conduct some research on the market you are in. The goal is to determine how to best communicate your purpose so it resonates with your audience.


Design. We have our game plan. I can move on to designing an online space tailored to your needs and those of your audience. I first map out the structure of the site on schematic wireframes that you'll have to approve. Then, I present you with a detailed version of the design, with its final aesthetic and user interface. Copywriting, images, and other visual elements are either provided by you or created by me.


Development. I hand code the website from scratch in html, css and javascript. The project comes to life as I add the visuals, animations and essential features. I'm using all the SEO best practices to help your site rank in Google searches. After successfully passing the test phase, the website is linked to your domain and we're all set for the launch!


Maintenance. Your website is live, now you want to make sure it stays up to date. You might also want to change or add a few tings here and there. This can be done through a Content Management System, a tool that makes it easy and intuitive for you to create, manage, and modify content on your site. After a one-to-one coaching session, you'll feel 100% confident to do use it on your own.

the web tailor creating unique custom websites
the web tailor creating unique custom websites

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