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portrait of Morgane Dethier, the web designer who created the web tailor

Hey, I'm Morgane. I envision a digital sphere full of ideas and solutions for living a more sustainable life. So I strive to give businesses that put the planet and its conservation at the heart of their actions the visibility they deserve.

I believe building a website is a human experience. Your best chance for a unique, impactful result is to work with a designer that shares your values and takes the time to understand your motivations.

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Let's work together to make an even bigger impact!

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Why opt for a custom-coded website?

When many website builders offer ready-made templates to launch your online space in just a few clicks, why choose to create yours from scratch? Custom-built websites offer complete design freedom and therefore guarantee you with a unique result. The user experience is also customized to your audience’s needs, meaning you have a much higher chance of impacting them. Technically speaking, hand-coded websites are better optimized and load faster. Their content is also very easy to edit and update after publication.

You need more evidence to make up your mind? Have a look at this guide that highlights the pros and cons of templates VS custom-built websites.

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