Atelier Gaby

Inspired by her touching relationship with her grandmother, Valentine founded Atelier Gaby. This zero-waste online shop is one of those small businesses that you instantly fall in love with. Its kind and funny creator hand-sews all of the eco-friendly items and accessories in Brussels and sells them online and in person on various markets. We had a lot of fun creating a new brand identity and redesigning her website, so that they reflect the unique story of her brand and its commitments.

 website design

Morgane is the web girl you need! She’s determined to build you the website of your dreams and does not give up at any small or big obstacle. She also has a digital marketing degree, so she’ll give you clever tips to make your site impactful. For mine, she suggested I add a blog to build a stronger connection with my audience and I’m thrilled to use that feature. Morgane and I met at uni 7 years ago and I couldn’t have imagined better plans for us than to be supporting each other’s businesses. I am so proud of her work and look forward to creating more with her - personally and professionally.

- Valentine, founder & creator

Atelier Gaby website design

Site features

New brand identity
Bespoke design
Custom-coded shop
With integrated blog
Responsive across all devices

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